Iglu Employee Experience

What is an employee experience solution?

The world of work has changed significantly in the last 3 years, with the drive to hybrid working being the norm for many since the COVID-19 pandemic, add to this the expectations of a younger and more mobile workforce who have differing expectations to those of an older generation of older employees.

An employee experience solution, at its core, is a portal that connects employees to their ecosystem of enterprise tools, apps, and content.

While traditional intranets are typically static, employee experience platforms are dynamic and flexible. They allow employees to focus on what is important at the right time in their working day. Because they are mobile-first and personalised by users, employees can tap into the information they need in real-time, anytime, and anywhere.

An employee experience solution gives organisations better control over how employees perceive, experience, and interact with work technology and touchpoints in the employee journey, with no need to replace or change their current setup.

Iglu Employee Experience

Employee experience refers to the overall experience of people who work for a company, covering all touchpoints including multiple elements such as:

Pay and benefits.

Opportunities to work flexibly.

The sense of community and connection employees feel.

Quality of the physical workplace.

The onboarding experience.

The digital workplace employees use every day.

This may seem a wide definition, but it encourages employers to think holistically and in more joined-up ways about the overall employee experience, and to regard this as a strategic factor that can positively impact everything from employee attraction and retention through to productivity and customer service.