Iglu IT Support

‘This is outrageously good IT support in comparison to others!’

Our human-centric IT Support has one aim; to keep you working. Aligned to the ITIL continual improvement model, we use best-in-class systems and tools to deliver (what we think) is the best available IT Support available anywhere today.

IT Support services

IT Support

Managed IT Support

This is the ongoing maintenance and management of your end users, hardware, and infrastructure. This allows your business to continue operating normally and uninterruptedly even when problems arise—as they inevitably will in the world of technology from time to time. It might be as basic as a password reset, new starting provisioning, or complex threat mitigation and cure for cyber security.

VirtualCTO & Consulting:

By working with us, you can get access to some of the UK’s top tech talent. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the whole lifespan of technology, with a focus on security and new technologies. In 2009, we established the first weightless office, which served as a model for the widespread adoption of remote and flexible working practises today.