Complete Digital Transformation for the market-leading provider of defined-return investments to asset managers.

Feb 5, 2020

Complete Digital Transformation for the market-leading provider of defined-return investments to asset managers.

Customer Business Summary

Catley Lakeman was established in 2008 and, with unparalleled experience across a rapidly growing team of experts, they have become the leaders in the institutional market for securitised investments and have a growing reputation for hedging advice and execution. Their strong track record of adding value to indices across a wide range of markets and client requirements positions them as a force to be reckoned with in their field.

“Having just moved office a few weeks before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the UK, it was a very busy time, but we were able to mobile our entire workforce to work from home literally overnight. Having completed our digital transformation with ISAAC previously, it made the whole process relatively painless. In short, it’s been really great.”

Daily Challenges

As a rapidly growing business, Catley Lakeman were facing the age-old problem faced by many of‘rapid growth = disparate systems’. Left unaddressed, this can and does lead to overly complex and manual processes, higher costs and ultimately, employee confusion and lack of engagement.

 The additional lack of a proactive and forward-thinking tech partner, made simple daily resolutions of user issues laborious to resolve, leading to employee frustration and an increasing lack of productivity. The lack of a fully managed solution via a single tech partner also exacerbated the problem and resulted in far higher than necessary costs.

The Solution

As is often the case, ISAAC engaged via an existing customer referral – the source of many of our new customer relationships – and firstly discussed the daily challenges facing Catley Lakeman, the impact on the business operationally, financially and from the human aspect. It was very clear that this is a no nonsense, highly focused company that simply wanted their tech to work, with a partner in place to lead and manage their Digital Transformation, and rapidly resolve issues and new requirements as they occurred.

ISAAC went a step further and were able to fully understand, not only the Catley Lakeman tech requirement, but also their business as a whole – their values and their vision. An alignment of these core strategies is imperative in being able to be proactive day in day out, but also enables ISAAC to see where Catley Lakeman are going strategically. This ability, shared by our Exec Team all the way throughout our organisation, enables us to work entirely in harmony with our customers, delivering rapid results and adapting to their needs as they grow and evolve.

The solution that we agreed upon, as the right way to take Catley Lakeman forward and to support their strategic requirements is an entire end to end cloud technology solution and includes:

  • Oxygen CRM
  • End-user support, and training
  • Our acclaimed Oxygen for Outlook plugin, seamlessly linking Outlook to the Oxygen applications within Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Further additions include:

  • Our Appogee HR application add-in to Oxygen Intranet
  • Exclaimer Cloud Signature Manager (across four separate brands)
  • As well as infrastructure support, and secure Azure based flexible storage for complex pricing modelling
  • New hardware provisioning and support
  • 4G Failover Router
  • Microsoft Teams configuration and end-user support/best practice guidance, and
  • IP Voice, Fibre Connectivity and management

Impact on Business

Probably the biggest compliment that any tech business can receive when taking a business on a Digital Transformation journey is – ‘it’s been entirely seamless’

Catley Lakeman can now easily access all systems and data from any connected location in the world, securely and with confidence that their data is safe. New members of the team are provisioned before they start; so, on day one they feel welcome and can hit the ground running. Every process that ISAAC design, from the functionality our solutions provide, to how we deliver and support those solutions, is entirely and uncompromisingly focused on enabling and empowering our customers to work smarter.

Digital transformation is not a one-off project. It is a process that starts with the human aspect of the business; establishing the culture and challenges faced daily, aligning those with the vision and analysing the gaps to identify the actual requirement, before designing a programme that starts with the development of new technology and solutions to improve and automate manual processes.. which leads on to the re-enforcing of company values as a driver for change, to the training and engagement of end-users and the further adaptation of the tech to further enable new ways of working.

Quite simply; Together, we work smarter.

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