Digital Transformation – including data migration and on-the-fly metatdata application – for a global leader in Façade Engineering, Design and Consultancy

Feb 5, 2020

Digital Transformation – including data migration and on-the-fly metatdata application – for a global leader in Façade Engineering, Design and Consultancy 

Customer Business Summary

Wintech was established in 1983 by their now Chairman and have steadily expanded over the years. Now employing over 100 people in the UK, USA and Middle East, they are unique in remaining solely focused on the science of façade engineering. Recognised as a Centre of Excellence for façade engineering, Wintech not only lead the field, but influence and assist in the writing of International Standards and Codes of Practice. They truly are experts in every sense of the word.

“We are all (during the current pandemic) currently all working from home, making the most of Office 365, Microsoft Teams and of course, our Oxygen Document Management Solution on SharePoint. We have not had any technical issues with Oxygen Document Management or our digital workplace as a whole. Thank you.”


Daily Challenges

It’s safe to say that a more traditional approach to technology was employed by Wintech, but as in every aspect of their approach to business, they applied their unflinching standards to their own Digital Transformation brief and were looking for a partner to enable and drive their digital transformation.  

Working with technical drawings and complying with international safety and regulatory standards results in process heavy workflows that must be adhered to; documents must be named and stored to comply with industry-wide standards, at the same time as remaining accessible by multiple individuals, all of whom possess varying degrees of technical savvy, in as easy a way as possible. The ability to store, access, share and interact with data on a daily basis is key to optimising productivity, and therefore empowering employee engagement and morale.  

The Solution

As with any digital transformation project, the management of change is key. ISAAC soon established that, whatever the solution, it would have to be intuitive, easy to use and appeal to team members of all ages and abilities. It was agreed that our Oxygen Document Management Solution, allied to our Oxygen Intranet and Oxygen for Outlook add-in was the optimum solution to design and deliver to Wintech. In addition to this, there was to be an integrated migration of almost 2TB of existing Wintech data, from a variety of formats, to the new Oxygen Document Management solution with the addition of ‘on-the-fly’ metadata. This last point is key, because it enables Wintech to take important, but underutilised data and transform it into ‘intelligence’. All of a sudden, once hidden (in the depths of a legacy file structure hierarchy) is now accessible in only a few clicks and a quick search – and that includes of document contents, even PDF. Gone are the days when legacy files were lost. 

Impact on Business

“Oxygen Document Management has really added ‘colour’ to the data, more than would have been perceived at the outset”

Transformational! The human relationship with data has really changed. From being a hassle and chore to manage and find with no real rationale to where and how things were stored, to a single source and process solution that ensures everything is stored in the same format.

Projects are created within Oxygen Document Management which automates the creation of the relevant – and vitally importantly – associated document libraries. This ensures a standardised naming convention and better still, the easy tracking and management of documents. All documents can be securely shared, stored centrally and collaborated on.

Thanks to our on-the-fly application of metadata solution, legacy data now includes all the same metadata as newly created files and documents, meaning that old, previously forgotten documents are now only a couple of clicks away and are adding to the intelligence and insight that Wintech had desired all along. All documents are easily found using the native search within Oxygen Document Management or through our Outlook app add-in.

“The human relationship with data is the aspect that has changed the most. Everyone at Wintech knew the inherent value in the data they held, but it was cumbersome to access and ‘one-dimensional.”

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