The secret to keeping your new hires is a smooth onboarding process

Nov 4, 2023 | Employee Productivity, Engagement, Export, HR, Lack of Employee Engagement, PeopleFirst, Poor Human Experience, Recruitment

Employee retention is more important than ever. Notwithstanding the current economic unrest, the ageing workforce, and claims that millennials are not afraid to “job hop,” nearly half of UK workers are actively looking for a new job.

How can your business then buck the trend and retain its staff? There are strategies to boost the retention of new hires even when it may not be feasible to bind current employees to their desks, and it all starts with effective onboarding

By 2025, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce globally, according to Deloitte, so it is imperative that your hiring and employee retention strategies take this group into account

Have a concise onboarding process & start it even before they do

By offering a clearly defined onboarding procedure, your HR staff may more easily onboard new workers, boosting their productivity while still successfully facilitating the onboarding of your new employees.

This procedure can be started even before their first day of work. Great HR technology can enable the use of automation and personalisation of introduction emails to ensure there are no faults in the process and the new employee feels more engaged before they even start

Giving the new worker the option to schedule time off and perhaps even examine any “need to know” compliance documentation can further increase their enthusiasm for advancing in their careers with your company

37% percent of employees said their manager did not play a critical role in their onboarding experience support

Meet the team – in person or virtually

Both the new employee and the team they are working with may feel uncomfortable while they adjust. Setting up 1-2-1 introductions with both the smaller and larger teams your new hire will work with during the first week is a terrific idea. But, it is also possible to use technology to improve this process by encouraging staff members to create personal web profiles with some information about themselves in order to make the new hire feel like a member of the team even before they begin.

Technology really is key!

You probably already see the advantages of employing software in your company and utilise HR software. As mentioned above, ideally you need to include your candidate here too.

Because they grew up in a time when technology was widely and quickly adopted, this generation typically enjoys technology and is pleased by innovation. Before they even begin, make an impression on them by showcasing how inventive your business is—the software you employ is a wonderful way to do this.

When employees are engaged 87% of them are less likely to leave their company

In summary

You must get off to the right start if you want to effectively keep your new recruit. Both your HR department and the new hire themselves can benefit from giving them access to everything you want them to view before their start date.

The process of settling in can be difficult for both the new hire and the organisation, but using the appropriate technology at the right time can improve your onboarding procedure and increase your employee retention rates.

When a company has great onboarding 69% of employees are likely to stay for at least 3 years.

As you can imagine, ISAAC and Guidance have a market leading solution for employee onboarding – we use it ourselves!

This platform lets you configure a customised employee Onboarding Portal for your new employees, to allow them to provide certain key information before they join, be kept up to date with welcome messages, meet the team they will be joining, keep you notified of any upcoming absences, and generally stay engaged with the business. It also fully integrates with Microsoft 365 as well as apps such as Xero and LinkedIn Talent Hub!

A warm and fuzzy feeling even before they step foot through the door and very easy to achieve!

Interested in how to onboard and retain your people? Just give us a shout and let us help you.