The importance of security in the digital world cannot be understated. A single security breach can have far-reaching consequences in today’s interconnected world. For example, the 2017 Equifax breach exposed the personal information of over 145 million people, and the 2018 Marriott breach exposed the personal information of over 500 million people.

These breaches had a significant financial impact on the companies involved and also resulted in a loss of customer trust. Therefore, IT security is absolutely essential to protect businesses and individuals from the potentially devastating consequences of a security breach.

There is a myriad of options available to enhance your cyber security these days and it can become a bit of a minefield knowing what’s what and which options to go for, plus you end up with all these different vendors and multiple bills coming out of your ears.

With all this in mind we have taken the very best and most important options and bundled them together into one neat bitesize bundle, with one amazing monthly price for it all.

See our dedicated page on the Cyber Security Bundle here

So, what’s included in the security bundle and what does it do?

Azure Premium P2

This enhances the security within Microsoft 365 and also allows us to create conditional access policies that will enforce certain rules should unusual sign ins or activity be detected.


This enables dual factor authentication on all your user accounts and adds extra layers of protection to the sign-in process, an absolute must in this day and age!

365 Security Policies

We will configure and implement all of Microsoft best practice security policies, more info on these can be found here

Password Manager

This allows your users to have a centralised, secure encrypted area where they can store passwords and also we can disable the ability to save to web browsers which increases security and reduces the likelihood of the disaster that is data leakage.

Cyber Security Training

As it suggests, cyber training for all of your relevant users. An initial security questionnaire will be filled in, then training geared towards areas of weakness. These training courses are continually updated in line with the latest security trends.

The platform also allows us to perform phishing e-mail attack simulations. From those simulations, it will feed back to us who clicked on the link, who accessed it and who went the full way through to compromise, being entered actual password credentials. We can then auto enrol anyone who fails that, onto the phishing e-mail campaign.

Vulnerability Scanning

This is a system that will actively scan all machines for any known vulnerabilities and will automatically create a ticket in our helpdesk system, should it find one.

It can also scan the external IP of your office setup as well as your website any known threats and alert us to remediate as soon as possible. This also includes remediation work to resolve any newly found threats to your environment (remediation work excludes any website related threats, we would liaise with the web design company to have these resolved).

WithSecure EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)

This comprehensive solution replaces any current endpoint protection you may have in place. With an EDR solution, it goes that step further than traditional endpoint security/anti-virus products. Not only does it give a granular level view of what is happening in your environment, but it also gives us the ability to automate responses to certain situation, allowing us to react quickly in the event of an endpoint security breach.

IT Policy Documentation

We will assist with any IT policy documentation you require and can provide templates for several IT and IT security policy documentation. We will also assist in responding to RFIs from your vendors around IT and IT security practices that you may have in place within the organisation.

Dark Web Monitoring

We use a system that monitors the dark web for any leaked credentials that are noted for your primary e-mail domain and addresses.

Should a leaked credential be found, it would log a ticket in our helpdesk system and ensure that we inform the user ASAP to change any logins that were actively using the leaked credentials passwords.

All sounds good, right? Please speak to your account manager or via to get this in place!

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